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User Guide: About Illuminati-Trader

Welcome To Illuminati-Trader

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  1. This is the main navigation menu and you will be able to access all the features of this website from here. Paid Members have access to the Inner Circle section where you will be able to access the Straddle TradeFinder, TradeFinder Flags and the Strategy Analyzer for the straddle and strangle strategies. Inner Circle Members also get access to Guy's exclusive Alerts and Videos.
  2. This upper menu gives you shortcut access to information areas of the site. These include, the Options Tutorial, the Strategy Guides, and other information including our contact details.
  3. This section is for Inner Circle Members only. Here you have a shortcut to the TradeFinder, TradeFinder Flags, Strategy Analyzers as well as the free gift from Guy: "FlagTrader Online" which is part of the FlagTrader Lite bonus package.
  4. This is where Inner Circle Members can access the FlagTrader presentation CDs online. As an Illuminati-Trader you get the "Flag-Trader Lite" gift pack which includes this set of online discs as well as the "TradeFinder Flags" page.

    The full Flag-Trader package includes Guy's Seminar: "Profit from Trends and Flags" plus the full version of the Flag-Trader online software which contains even more powerful filters to give you that extra edge when searching for great Flag trades. This is available at 50% off for Illuminati Inner Circle Members.
  5. This area gives you direct access to the information areas of the site, including Guy's Alerts, Videos and Webinars, an Options Tutorial, the Strategy Guides, an Options Glossary, some FAQs, and a section for you to share your thoughts with us.

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