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User Guide

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User Guide: TradeFinder Flags

TradeFinder Flags

TradeFinder Flags

Search for stocks exhibiting great flag patterns. This area does not contain any options filters.

  1. Stock Filters: Filter for price ranges and average daily volume.
  2. Stock Analysis: Use these filters to screen for news and consolidation patterns.
  3. Search for the stocks that fit your chosen criteria.
  4. The summary links can also be used as a shortcut to navigate directly to the Bull or Bear Flag results table.
  5. The Bull Flag results are displayed in blue.
  6. The Bear Flag results are displayed in red.
  7. The red flag icon indicates an earnings announcement coming up soon. Click on this button to view the news for the stock.
  8. The pennant icon indicates a stock with a consolidation flag pattern. Because this is the Flag TradeFinder page, all stocks here will have consolidation patterns, but remember, you still have to look at the chart and use your discretion as shown on the CDs. Click on the consolidation pattern icon to view the stock price chart.
  9. Click on the stock ticker symbol to view the headlines for the stock.
  10. A summary of the links within the results table.
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