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User Guide

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User Guide: TradeFinder

TradeFinder: Filters

TradeFinder Filters

This is where you search for great trades.

  1. Stock Filters: Screen for stocks specific criteria like price ranges and average daily volume.
  2. Option Filters: Screen for options specific criteria, including our special Implied Volatility filter.
  3. Stock Analysis Filters: Screen for consolidation patterns and news.
  4. Options Analysis Filters: Screen for the straddle on the basis of cost compared with the stock price and/or our special Illuminati formula which measures the cost compared with the stock price movement.

    You must select at least one of these or one of the stock analysis filters.
  5. Expiration Date: Select the Expiration Date you want to filter for.
  6. Sort By: Select how you want the results to be displayed.
  7. Use these tools to load and save your favorite filters. You can also set up an email alert so the system can email you the results on a daily basis.
  8. Search for the straddles that fit your chosen criteria.
  9. View a video tutorial of this section.
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